English Club For Better

My Beloveds Friend, if you want to share, speak, meet native speaker, do some fun activities in english and get the Great chance to Go International, just come and join our English Club

This is GoLden Chance for aLL of peopLe whO need a GreaT cHange and imProvement in Life……..

Dibuka kesempatan SELUAS-LUASNYA buat orang-orang yang mau jadi keluarga besar ENGLISH CLUB “engLish for fun and survive”

menerima saudar/saudari dengan segala karakteristik, kriteria, ras, background finansial / pendidikanataupun keterbatasan kemampuan berbahsa inggris tapi punya KEMAUAN dan SEMANGAT untuk go internasional!!!!

daftar di aku aja.

fee-Less but funfuLness

Gretongan aLias gratis tis tis tis tis …..tanpa pungLi…….tapi menyediakan kesenangan duniawi….

ayo….ayo………join with Us and be the part of greAt history in this worLd
“FIRST MEETING” will be held on 09 Februari place : FE UNS

so, i’m expecting ur coming at there……..induce (Tayounk)

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